Packing & Planning For The Arctic Circle Trail

Packing for Arctic Circle Trail

Packing for the Arctic Circle Route

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Preparing to hike Greenland’s Arctic Circle Route? Below are some useful tips for packing and intending your expedition based upon my Greenland adventure in August 2015.

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When I initially began planning to hike Greenland’s Arctic Circle Path, it was difficult to discover valuable information online. There were a couple of article about the expedition, yet they were composed in German or Danish.

So this is my attempt to fix that situation and also make the hike much more easily accessible to English audio speakers that have an interest in discovering this stunning and also lesser-known location of the globe walking.

Situated concerning 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the regular path stretches 102 miles (165km) from Kangerlussuaq International Airport terminal to the fishing village of Sisimiut on the West coast.

It’s feasible to extend the trip to 124 miles by beginning with Greenland’s ice cap for those that are up for the challenge.

Recommended Experience Degree

While a lot of Greenland is covered with ice, the Arctic Circle Path is ice-free throughout the summer season. Passing through low valleys covered by numerous lakes, it’s a relatively very easy walk when it concern altitude.

The trouble features packing all your personal food and products to last at the very least 10 days. Plus a total lack of society close by in case of an unforeseen emergency situation.

Arctic Circle Route hikers have to have encounter making it through alone in the wilderness, understanding their very own restrictions, checking out weather patterns, and also the capability to browse unfamiliar surface using a map and compass.

At the trek’s middle, you can be 5 days and also 50 miles away from any kind of type of society. You’re on your personal around. It’s not a trek for newbies, but you don’t have to be a serious mountaineer either.
Hiking in Greenland

Treking in Greenland

How Lengthy Does It Take?

Depending upon physical fitness degrees as well as the certain path selected, the traditional 102 mile long Arctic Circle Trail from Kangerlussuaq Airport to Sisimiut can take anywhere in between 7-10 days to finish.

To begin with the ice cap like I did, prepare for an extra 2-3 days.

It is very important to note that Greenland is a wild and uncertain area. If you assume you could trek the trail in 10 days, see to it to consist of 2-3 additional barrier days for hold-ups because of weather, injury, exhaustion, or canceled air travels.

Seasons & & Weather condition While treking the Polar circle Trail is possible in the wintertime, it’s much more difficult & & technological. The main hiking period is from June to September when the route is devoid of snow.

Greenland has a mosquito trouble. Flocks could be downright maddening from June till mid August when the very first frost finally kills them off. I started treking August 12th and had to burst out my mosquito head net a couple of times.

The path is exceptionally sloppy & & boggy in June after the snow thaws with river crossings ending up being much deeper and also so much more dangerous. In September, the danger of snow tornados is greater as winter season begins.

In August, the air temperature level rose and fall in between 60’s (F) in the day to 30’s (F) during the night, with one afternoon of snow flurries.

Over the 10 days I was on the trail, I experienced steady rainfall for 3 of them.
Kangerlussuaq Airport

Kangerlussuaq Flight terminal

Traveling To Greenland

Flying to Greenland is the most pricey component of this impressive travelling experience. Air Greenland offers normal trips to Kangerlussuaq from Reykjavik, Iceland as well as Copenhagen, Denmark. So you’ll have to obtain yourself to among these cities first.

I flew to Greenland from Copenhagen for $1032 USD big salami. Currently if you’re treking the Polar circle Trail from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, you’ll also have to get on your own back to Kangerlussuaq in order to leave the nation.

The one-way flight from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq sets you back concerning $200 USD.

If you require assistance browsing for international air travels to Iceland or Denmark, make sure to review my popular article regarding Ways to Locate Cheap Trips.

Holiday accommodation Choices

Cottage in Greenland prior to and also after the trek is costly. A single space in Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut will set you back around $100 – –$200 USD. A hostel dormitory bed prices in between $30 – – $40 USD.

Nonetheless both towns also have camping sites offered with restrooms.

Kangerlussuaq Holiday accommodation

Kangerlussuaq Young people Hostel
Old Camp Hostel
Polar Lodge (where I stayed)
Resort Kangerlussuaq

Sisimiut Holiday accommodation

Sisimiut Hostel
Seafarer’s Home
Resort Sisimiut (where I stayed)

Trail Hut

Inside a Trail Hut (Sleeps 6!)

Path Huts & & Camping

Spread along the route are a collection of 9 fundamental wood huts with bunks that are free for walkers to use. Packing a camping tent is very recommended however, as some huts just sleep 4 as well as can possibly be complete when you show up.

Bad weather condition could also avoid you from getting to among the huts in time, so having a backup plan for shelter is essential for your safety and security in Greenland’s vast wilderness.

As a result of individual preference, I spent most nights wild outdoor camping. Nevertheless I did oversleep 2 of the route huts during my walk, and also took an afternoon nap in a 3rd. If you’re treking from hut to hut each day, the full journey (from Kangerlussuaq airport terminal, not the ice cap) will take 10 days.

The number of Hikers?

Just 300 people trek the trail every year, so while you may run into various other hikers, it’s possible to go days without seeing a fellow human depending on which month you choose to attempt the trek.

I fulfilled concerning 10 walkers on the Polar circle Route over 10 days. The majority of were German or Danish, as well as one other American. Lots of people trek this path for the privacy, so walking together and also chatting for a few miles prior to breaking off by yourself once more was the standard routine.
Breakfast in Greenland

Yummy Trekking Breakfast

Food & & Water

The typical Arctic Circle Path path takes 7-10 days for lots of people to complete. So walkers should load a minimum of 10 days worth of food to be risk-free. That’s a great deal of food!

At 1-2 excess weights (16-24 ounces) of food daily, that’s regarding 10-20 excess weights of food on your back. To maintain it as light as feasible, I advise getting dried backpacker meals and also bringing them with you to Greenland.

While there is a grocery store in both Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut, they do not stock dehydrated meals. They do have ingredients for path mix — — but to be secure I ‘d additionally prepare your personal trail mix before you show up. It will be less costly and you’ll have a lot more choices.

Water on the other hand is quite easy to take care of, as there are plenty of freshwater lakes, ponds, and also streams along the Arctic Circle Path. So with cautious planning you can obtain by with simply a solitary Nalgene container. No filter is needed either! Obviously there is always a danger of water contamination, but it’s quite reduced out below. Many walkers do not use one.

My Greenland Travelling Diet regimen

  • Muesli/oatmeal with wild berries & & brownish sugar for morning meal
  • Trail mix plus wild mushrooms/berries for lunch & &
  • treats Canned fish sandwich and also dried fish jerky for supper
  • Chocolate & & Greenlandic Schnapps for dessert

(I brought dehydrated meals, but could not utilize them as a result of a trouble explained listed below)
Camping in Greenland

Wild Camping in Greenland

Packing Checklist

50 Liter Knapsack
Carbon Walking Poles
Water-proof Backpacking Boots
Hiking Gaiters
Cuben Fiber Tarpaulin Camping tent
40 Degree Sleeping Bag
Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Emergency Room Covering
Water-proof GoreTex Shell
32 Ounce Nalgene Bottle
Jetboil Zip Cooking System
Knife & & Waterproof Matches
First Help Kit
Heavy Duty Waste Bags (4).

Mosquito Head Net
Long Underclothing
Hiking Pants
Hiking Shorts
Hiking T-shirts (2)
Woollen Socks (3)
Fleece Top
Ballcap & & Sunglasses Sunscreen & & Lip Balm Mosquito Repellent
Winter season Hat & &
Gloves River/Camp Sandals
Paper Maps & & Compass iPhone 6 & & Camera

Equipment. Maps & GPS

You’ll wish to get a series of 3 paper topographic maps that cover the whole length of the Arctic Circle Path. While you could normally purchase these at the Polar Lodge in Kangerlussuaq, it’s far better to obtain them beforehand since in Greenland, things lack stock easily.

You could attempt to pre-order the Arctic Circle Route maps from Greenland Tourist. The path is marked with periodic rock cairns in the process, yet there are a couple of places where you can still shed the path, as well as in bad weather, the cairns aren’t consistently incredibly visible.

In enhancement to the paper maps, I likewise packed my apple iphone 6 with a LifeProof FRĒ Power Instance running Gaia GPS and pre-dowloaded maps. There is no cell-service on the route, however you can still use your phone as a GENERAL PRACTITIONER device.

What Would certainly I Do Different?

After hiking the Arctic Circle Route in August 2015, there are a couple of things I would certainly do in different ways if I decide to return. Ideally you’ll gain from my blunders!

My 40 degree (F) resting bag was a bit as well cold for wild outdoor camping, and I was compelled to oversleep my apparel and also utilize a room covering for a few chilly evenings. I ‘d most likely want something closer to 0 or 10 levels.

I packed an excellent light-weight and effective Jetboil stove that spoiled when I could not buy fuel canisters for it in Kangerlussuaq. The entire community lacked the type I required.

Delivering propane to Greenland is hard because it’s not allowed on planes, so it should arrive by boat. Due to this, I ‘d suggest bringing a multi-fuel stove instead. It permits you to steam water with a few various sorts of fuel.

Certain, I made due with cold food for 10 days anyway, however solid very hot coffee as well as warm suppers have a wonderful way of re-energizing you on long-distance walks. They were missed.

Guidebook & & More Information

If you’re preparing to hike the Polar circle Route I extremely suggest getting guide Hiking In Greenland by Paddy Dillon.

It goes right into much more information than I can cover in an article, as well as it’s what I made use of to intend my very own adventure. All the best, and also enjoy! ★

KEEP IN MIND: This blog post belongs to a series. ► Component 1|Part 2|Component 3|Part 4

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